Thursday, 28 June 2012

What are pimples?

A large number of young people get acne during their teens. In most cases, they spontaneously undergo some 20 years, but in some cases leaving scars on the skin. Many teenagers experience acne as a problem.

Hormonal changes during puberty cause leading to the creation of too much sebum from the sebaceous glands that are located so that they are related to the hair follicles. Genetic predisposition to acne can also be a factor that affects this problem.

Excessive production of sebum can clog the pore where the ends of hair follicles in the skin. This allows skin bacteria to increase in the number of blocked hair follicles and surrounding sebaceous glands, causing inflammation of the sebaceous skin we call a pimple.

Blackheads are formed in a similar manner, but without the propagation of bacteria that cause local inflammation.