Wednesday, 18 July 2012

How to treat pimples on your back

When it comes to acne on the back, it is necessary to mention one special type called Acna Mechanica. This type of acne is caused by increased irritation of the skin in combination with excessive sweating. To avoid their formation is recommended to wear light cotton clothing and prevent further irritation.

Treatment of mild to moderate forms of acne on the back
For ease of acne on his back gently recommended cleaners and products containing alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) at a concentration of 10%. We also recommend products that contain the AHA and licochalcone A, the active ingredient that soothes skin and acts on the secretion of sebum.

Application of 10% AHA at ease acne:
Step One: Before applying products with AHA complex is necessary to clean the skin to remove fat from the surface and allowed his better work. When showering, and after that, it is necessary to avoid any irritation. After showering, wait 10-15 minutes to your skin is dry before applying the AHA.
Step Two: Before applying the preparation Wash and dry hands to remove any surface fat that can improve acne. Gently apply the AHA in the amount of the length of one finger on each side of the back. When applying you must not skimp on quantity.

Treatment of moderate to severe acne on his back
When acne is severe, it is recommended to use a gentle detergent in combination with 2.5% benizoil peroxide and 10% alpha hydroxy acids. These products, when applied step by step, you should achieve a satisfactory performance in the treatment of severe acne.

Apply benzoyl peroxide and the AHA in moderate to severe acne:
Step One: Gently cleanse your skin as described in the treatment of acne easily. Be careful while avoiding any irritation during or after showering. It is recommended to gently wash your back for 5-10 seconds, followed by drying in a manner to allow the towel to absorb any moisture. Wait until your skin is completely dry before proceeding.

Step Two: Before applying benzoyl peroxide wash and dry your hands to remove fat from the surface. Then apply a sufficient amount of 2.5% benzoyl peroxide also spread to the entire treated area. And I do not need saving. If in doubt prefer to apply a larger amount. Before the next step wait 10-15 minutes while your skin is completely dry.

Step Three: Before applying AHA wash and dry your hands. Then apply a 10% AHA in the amount of the length of one finger on each side of the back to grip the entire treated area.

If this way of treating the neck, apply a small amount to avoid redness, dryness and itching. It is recommended that the first week of the neck apply benzoyl peroxide and the AHA in the amount of beans once a day, and after that you can repeat the process twice a day.

When applying benizoil peroxide is recommended to wear singlets with respect to when sweating can lead to bleaching of fabrics.

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