Friday, 6 July 2012

Teenage pimples

Pimples usually appear during adolescence. The key to successful treatment is to proceed with treatment as they occur. Early and timely treatment can help a child and bumps to a minimum.
Pimples usually occur at the onset of puberty. Pimples in adolescence are normal and are recorded by most teenagers.
The appearance of acne is not dependent on gender. All teens can get pimples. Usually teenage spots starting from the nose and continue to expand on the forehead, chin and cheeks. In some severe cases of acne can spread to the neck, shoulders, chest and upper arm areas.
Teen acne usually disappear in the twenties. Sometimes, it is possible to retain into adulthood.However, being a teenager is hard enough without acne. There are false beliefs that people have problems with pimples do not care about hygiene, or do something wrong and thus leading to pimples. Of course, this is completely untrue. Pimples are formed from excess Manoc in the skin.
The next few tips can help treat acne:
Washing the face
A person shall not be washed more than twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night before bedtime. In certain circumstances, can be washed more frequently, for example. after exercise.On the market there are many products against "teenage" acne, but a mild soap is all you need for cleaning. Products that contain a lot of alcohol should be avoided because alcohol can only worsen the situation.
Natural products
Natural herbal extracts, such as coconut oil and aloe vera, have proved very useful in removing pimples puberty. In addition, there are many other natural treatments for acne that are known for their efficiency. If possible, find and use natural skin care products.Natural treatments for teenage acne are becoming increasingly popular treatment for pharmaceutical preparations containing chemicals can create a secondary problem.
Expert Advice
There are situations where the advice of experts the best solution. If the problem does not resolve the above tests, consult the medical staff.

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