Sunday, 22 July 2012

What causes pimples on your face

Although occurring at puberty, and most women, and disappearing after the same, and after puberty, pimples can be a big problem for the skin, but the confidence of every woman. Basically it is a hormonal disorder, improper diet and hygiene whose regulation achieve the best results, but most important is to not start healing yourself. A dermatologist should be the one who will guide you through the recovery-healing.

Pimples are common in women and men. Usually occur during puberty, but may be maintained after completion of maturation, growth and development of people that have appeared. The rule is that women take longer, but because men reported more problems. Pimples occur due to disruptions in the functioning of the sebaceous glands, which develops propyonibacterium acnes bacteria. Because of this opening being closed by the hair with sebaceous glands, otherwise normally excreted from the body of your content. As the opening through which she did come close to swelling and splash. The body of this abnormal response defends the creation of the inflammatory process by which a foreign body wants to expel from the body.

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